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FIVE Clinics

We founded FIVE Clinics because we want to be there for you. We want to help you understand what possibilities there are and we are happy to provide you with the right information. The industry is incredibly big, which makes it easy for you to feel overwhelmed. With FIVE Clinics we prevent you from being inundated with wrong information.

From the perspective of holism, everything is connected. When you feel good from inside, you shine from the outside. When you feel good on the outside, you shine from the inside.

A place with the latest technology

Everyone is allowed to look at their best based on the qualities of their own skin. We do this by refining cosmetic dermatology and making it more accessible. That is why we have collected the most safe procedures that have also been medically tested. We have carefully compiled these procedures for FIVE Clinics, because they deliver the most optimal results.

Modern skincare

We want you to continue to look like yourself. But fresher, younger and renewed.Natural-looking results are our strength and our drive. We've put together a menu of powerful treatments that you can receive in less than an hour. The results are meant to last for a long time: we have combined the menu with a product regime that stands for sustainable results.

Our biggest values


For us nothing is more important than your safety. Our services are based on this and safety is the main reason why our services are only performed on you by a medical professional.

Medical Validation

We take scientific research very seriously. We don't claim miracles. Our services are based on thorough research.

Powerfull results

Our services work with little to zero recovery time. This way you can easily schedule your appointment during a lunch break. The results are for a long time and have a lasting effect.  

Our clinic

From the perspective of holism, everything is interconnected, including your inner self with your outer. If you feel good on the inside, you radiate on the outside. If you feel good on the outside, you shine on the inside.

Ons team

Safa Doestzada

Safa Doestzada is een Amsterdamse ondernemer met een passie voor verzorging en detail. Als ondernemer is het zijn doel om verzorging en gracefull ageing tot een vast ritueel van een moderne lifestyle te maken.

Met de oprichting van FIVE Clinics wilt hij injectable-behandelingen toegankelijker, inclusiever en aangenamer aanbieden- zonder de klinische expertise van de behandeling op te offeren nadat hij zag dat andere (arts)-ondernemers daarin vaak tekort schieten.

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Are you considering a treatment? Then you always get a free consultation. During this free consultation, we will discuss your wishes and the options available to meet them in detail.

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