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Our doctors are professionals in their field and each specialize in a specific area of the face.

Safa Doestzada


Safa Doestzada is een Amsterdamse ondernemer met een passie voor verzorging en detail. Als ondernemer is het zijn doel om verzorging en gracefull ageing tot een vast ritueel van een moderne lifestyle te maken.

Met de oprichting van FIVE Clinics wilt hij injectable-behandelingen toegankelijker, inclusiever en aangenamer aanbieden- zonder de klinische expertise van de behandeling op te offeren nadat hij zag dat andere (arts)-ondernemers daarin vaak tekort schieten.

Hij gelooft dat het uiteindelijk gaat om hoe iemand zich van binnen voelt, maar om hier een handje bij te helpen wil hij het mogelijk maken dat mensen op hun allerbeste door de dag kunnen komen.

Drs. Artour Saakjan

Cosmetic Doctor KNMG

Member of NVCG, BIG number 59066720901

Artour Saakjan is one of the few doctors who combines fillers and non-invasive procedures, including Botox and skin treatments, in a unique and creative way, to accentuate and bring out the individual beauty as much as possible.

With over 20 years of experience in the field and a very sharp artistic eye, Dr. Saakjan a frontrunner in medical aesthetic medicine.Dr. Saakjan : ''The endless pursuit with passion for a beautiful natural result is my strength. My job is to increase self-confidence by creating a fresh, healthy, radiant look. The satisfaction and loyalty of the people fuels my passion for my work or art.”

Drs. Gabriel Siquier

Cosmetic Doctor KNMG

Member of NVCG, BIG number 79913604901

Dr. Gabriel Siquier is a leading medical aesthetic specialist. He achieved worldwide recognition for exceptional non-surgical skills combined with an artistic eye for beauty. His official title 'Aesthetic Physician KNMG' makes it clear that he is a qualified, knowledgeable and competent provider of aesthetic medicine.

He is a renowned speaker at major international conferences on skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. He provides extensive hands-on injection training and shares his knowledge with physicians and medical professionals in the field of safety, applications, backgrounds and techniques. Gabriel Siquier is widely published in international scientific journals.

In recognition of its investment in improving medical practice, Dameto Clinics International received the 'GHP Award' for the 'Best Aesthetic Medicine Academic'. Furthermore, Dr. Siquier awarded the 'Golden Hands' for his scientific and academic contribution to the growth and research of responsible aesthetic medicine.

Drs. Marwah Doestzada

Medical Director. BIG number: 09925804001

Marwah Doestzada, BIG-registered doctor, MD,PhD candidate UMC-Groningen and member of the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine. She completed her medical training at the University of Groningen and also followed a course in cosmetic procedures in Groningen. Her passion for aesthetic medicine arose during her scientific research within the 'healthy-ageing' project.

As a doctor, she noticed that not only is healthy aging important, but also that attention to appearance is just as important to make people feel happy. Her goal is therefore to bring out the beauty of customers and to make them feel energetic. Her focus is on anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. As medical director, she strives to make FIVE Clinics leading in the field of scientific research. Her passion is to stimulate not only FIVE Clinics but also other cosmetic clinics to go for the best quality and to provide the best service and in this way put the Netherlands on the world map of cosmetic medicine.

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