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Being the best version of yourself. Enhance beauty, mindfulness and confidence

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When you come to FIVE Clinics to become the most amazing version of yourself, you don't get just any treatment. We make sure that you feel good and complete so that you leave the salon radiant. At FIVE Clinics we are not only experts. We are also artists and confidants. We are completely here for you!

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What we do.

Holism, you hear it more and more. At FIVE Clinics we use a holistic approach to our treatments. But what does holism actually mean?

From the perspective of holism, everything is interconnected, including your inner self with your outer. If you feel good on the inside, you radiate on the outside. If you feel good on the outside, you shine on the inside.

It is a lifestyle where you see your mind and body as a total package.

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The shape of the chin and jawline influences the rest of the face. When the shapes are not completely in balance, this can cause other external features to come out less well. With injectables, these shapes can be restored and defined, so that the appearance is back in balance.

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Your eyes and gaze have a major influence on your appearance. Dark circles under the eyes or drooping eyebrows may make you look tired or angry when you don't. A treatment with injectables can offer a solution and provide a long-lasting fresh look.

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A large part of the face is made up of your cheeks. It is therefore not surprising that skin aging or reduced volume in the cheeks can make the rest of the face look less good. By restoring or adding volume to the cheeks with injectables, your appearance will regain the look and shape that suits you.

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A beautiful smile contributes a lot to your appearance. It gives you confidence and makes you shine. However, it may be that due to skin aging or decreased volume you are less satisfied with your smile. In this case, injectables can help restore the volume and shape your radiant smile.

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Your skin shows a lot about how you feel. However, skin aging and skin damage can make you look older than you really are. Injectables are excellent as a means for skin improvement and contribute to a rejuvenated and toned skin.

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Achieve natural-looking results with treatments formulated by our experts for their safety and effectiveness.

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Drs. Gabriel Siquier
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Cosmetic Doctor KNMG

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Our team of expert healthcare providers is led and supervised by our Chief Medical Officer and a team of experienced specialists.

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